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Past Box: S'more Memories

Past Box: S'more Memories

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Past Box: S'more Memories
Hope you're ready to make "S'more Memories" with your family.  To help you we've included some special items in this box:
  • CityBonfires: The original Portable Fire Pit

To help create the perfect s'more on the road or in your own yard

  • S'more to Do Cookbook

To Inspire you to be adventurous with new fun flavors and combinations

  • Hudson Valley Marshmallow Co. Handmade Vanilla Marshmallows

To upgrade your s'mores game

  • Extendable Roasting Sticks

To help you perfectly toast your handmade marshmallows

  • Graham Crackers and Chocolate

To allow you to assemble the perfect s'mores with your family right out of the box

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